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Extract - Simple

Brewing with malt extract is the typical entry point for beginning homebrewers, as it generally requires the least amount of space, time, and equipment.

While some insist that extract brewing gives you less control over certain aspects of your beer, the number of award-winning extract recipes illustrates that brewing with malt extract can yield fantastic results.

Extract w/ Steeped Grains - Simple

Brewing with specialty steeping grains in addition to malt extract can give the brewer more control over color, flavor, and fermentable sugars.

Partial/Mini-Mash - Intermediate

Partial, or mini-mashing, is a marriage of Extract and All Grain brewing. A small amount of grain is mashed to obtain fermentable sugars, and malt extract is used to provide the remainder of the fermentables.

All Grain - Intermediate/Advanced

All Grain brewing is a process in which a brewer creates wort from crushed grain through a process known as mashing.

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